Meanwhile Swabian specialities as "Maultaschen", "Kaesespaetzle", "Laugenbrezeln" are available all
over Germany, even in other countries. But mostly
the products are not acceptable as "culinary
ambassadors", even in Baden-Württemberg,
their home country.

Therefore we decided to use only regional products
and ingredients whenever possible. Our dishes are
made by handaccording to old recipes (from Grandma
Auguste and Pa Franz). They contain only ingredients
which our grandma used. So we do not use anything
from the modern food chemistry.

Even our "excursions" into the Italian kitchen
are oriented on the recipes of Grandma Palmira.

On order, our "Maultaschen" (similar to Italian
ravioli) are made only with veal and vegetables.
We do not use meat from pork - as usually done -
to make them cheaper!

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