You want to surprise your guests with classical
Swabian dishes presented in a traditional or
a modern way?
We can assist you.

Classical buffet, flying buffet or served menu
– for every option we make you an individual
offer. Even Grandma Auguste would be surprised
in which style classical kitchen can be presented!

As Suebians with relations in Italy we offer
you Grandma Palmiras specialities as well.

Our professionals in kitchen and service will certainly
fulfill all your exspectations. Of course all dishes are
made by hand according to old recipes of the family.

Besides our "classics" Maultaschen, Kaesspaetzle and Potato Salad we offer a lot of other Swabian specialities - e.g. "eingemachtes Kalbfleisch" (veal cooked in a sauce with white wine) or "Pfitzauf" (it's similar to a soufflé).
Of course we can make all dishes without pork.